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Quepet Lubricants

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Specialist manufacturer of automotive, industrial and marine lubricating oils and greases

Quepet Lubricants was established in Dubai with a view to providing a one-stop source for all automotive, industrial and marine lubricating oils and greases. One of the prime organizations in the UAE involved in this high-technology business, Quepet Lubricants has established itself quepet lubricants dubaias a reliable and trustworthy supplier of all kinds of lubricants. According to Aleem Quraishi, managing director of Quepet Lubricants, the need for a one -stop supplier of lubricants in the Gulf was realized. As a result, the complete range of Quepet lubricants was launched in 1998 to serve the automotive, industrial and marine sectors. From then on, the entire range of Quepet Lubricants has gained in popularity with the passing of each year. “We are aware that in order to gain a loyal clientele it is of paramount importance to combine high standards with the flexibility to meet user requirements. Thus, whatever the client’s lubricating needs, we promise to find the most economical and efficient solution,” he says.

Though a relatively new entrant in the lubricants market, Quepet Lubricants has earned an enviable reputation in the local, regional and international markets through a combination of advanced technology, product reliability and dynamic packaging. The company aims to maintain its reputation of being a reliable supplier of quality lubricants by employing the latest technology in order to bring its customers top quality and reliable products.

Quepet Lubricant’s technology is backed by management personnel who are experienced and seasoned oil industry professionals. Attention is always paid to feedback from customers and the needs of the ever-changing market. The result is a network of efficient, dedicated distributors who offer a back-up service for Quepet Lubricants wherever they are sold.

Quality of grades manufactured by Quepet Lubricants is strictly controlled and monitored. All Quepet lubricants are blended from specially selected high viscosity-index (HVI) base stocks using the most advanced additive technology to produce well-balanced, long-life, high performance lubricants. The technicians working at Quepet have perfected the entire range of Quepet lubricants and speciality products. A continuous process of intensive Research and Development (R&D) has enabled Quepet to keep in touch with the needs of the market and to produce top quality lubricants.

“By establishing a comprehensive product range, backed by a team of professional oil industry experts, we quepet motor oilhave been able to keep ourselves in line with the competition,” says Aleem Quraishi. “Attractive packaging and our relentless commitment to quality and after-sales service has further helped us gain a sizable share of the lubricants market. An aggressive marketing strategy and stringent controls on production procedures to ensure the quality of our products has also helped us in our endeavors to establish Quepet as a top brand name in the international market,” he says.

To further increase its customer base, Quepet Lubricants is looking for reliable and trustworthy partners to act as agents and distributors for Quepet products.  “By appointing distributors and agents for Quepet Lubricants in African countries, we are hoping to penetrate the emerging markets in the African continent,”says Aleem Quraishi.

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