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Plastica Industries

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Supplier of quality plastic products to the garments industry
Plastica Industries is one of the best known manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of accessories to the garment industry in the Middle East region. A market leader in poly-bags for the garment industry and a reputed supplier of a wide range of garment hangers, Plastica Industries has been steadily increasing its market share and presence since its inception in 1989.

Managed by a team of professionals and manned by an experienced and committed workforce, Plastica has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of hangers to the regional garment industry. The hangers manufactured by Plastica at its manufacturing unit in Sharjah have captured a sizeable share of the market in the Middle East due to their high quality. Available in a wide variety of shapes, thickness, colours and designs, Plastica hangers have become increasingly popular with garment manufacturers and exporters. The low price and high quality of these hangers has played a significant role in the popularity that they currently enjoy in world markets.

In addition to garment hangers, Plastica is also known as a reliable and reputed supplier of poly-bags to the garment industry. These poly bags are used for packaging purposes and are supplied in a vast range of sizes and designs to meet the varying needs of the garment industry.

State-of-the-art machinery and a skilled and experienced workforce at Plastica can manufacture customized poly-bags for a variety of uses at a short
notice. The poly-bags can be supplied clear or with specified printing requirements of each individual client. Plastica can also provide you with polybags with self adhesive popular with most garment exporters.

By providing such a comprehensive and convenient services to the growing garment industry, Plastica has been able to carve a niché for itself as a specialist supplier to the garment industry around the world.

Having already established its reputation in the garments sector, Plastica has now diversified into other related fields and is known as a quality provider of related plastic products such as garbage bags, heavy duty construction sheets and membranes.

All products supplied by Plastica are pre-tested before despatch to ensure their high quality. By ensuring prompt and timely deliveries, Plastica has been able to cultivate a loyal and satisfied clientele in different parts of the world.
As part of its endeavour to constantly look for new pastures, Plastica is now targeting overseas countries to market its products. The garment industry in certain African countries has been growing at an alarming pace due to the quota-free access granted to them to the huge and lucrative American market under the recently introduced Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Under this new act, some African countries are permitted to ship unlimited amounts of clothing and textiles to the United States duty free.

Plastica aims to meet the rising demands of the growing garment industry by supplying its products to the many garment manufacturers there. You can contact Plastica for all your requirements for all kinds of plastics.

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