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Newlong Sewing Machines available through Gulf Packaging Machines JLT

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All kinds of packaging machinery to meet the needs of the packaging needs of Africa


Gulf Packaging Machines JLT located at Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates are Exclusive Agent / Distributor for Newlong Product – Newlong Machine Works, Ltd Tokyo, Japan. The company’s sales and marketing regions are South West Asia, Africa, Middle East and Russia territories.

The company’s stock and sale items include:-
1) Bag Closing Machines for stitching bag mouth (Portable Type and Stationary Type)
2) Conveyors for Bag Closing Machines for making sacks
3) Weighing and Bagging Machines
4) Bag Sewing Machines for making sacks
5) Carpet Over-edging and Fringing Machines
6) Table, Stand and Motor for bag and carpet sewing machines
7) Heat Sealers for closing PE film bags
8) Spare parts related to the above-mentioned machines
9) Sewing Thread for Bag Closing Machines (250gms, 2 kg and 4kg cones)

Gulf Packaging Machines JLT products range from single size machines to total systems. The Gulf Packaging Machines JLT product line answers all customer needs. Some of the products that the company offer are Printing, Converting, Palletizing, Bag Making and Packaging Machinery.

Whether you are a Jumbo Bag Making Company, Polypropylene Bag Making Company, Paper bag Making Company, Fertilizer Company or any other company associated with packing, we Gulf Packaging Machines JLT definitely have a solution for your packaging needs. Our solutions are fast and efficient with the latest in JAPANESE technology, resulting in cost and maintenance proficiency. We would be please to render your good self our Products and Service, which are highly recommended in the Packaging Industry.

Newlong Machine Works Ltd. is a specialized trading company operating a comprehensive marketing network in Japan and other countries around the world. Newlong is considered to be a leading supplier of packaging machinery and equipment. Packaging is indispensable in almost every industrial activity. Manufacturing and industrial units are always on theNewlong6 lookout for solutions that pack quickly, efficiently and economically. Newlong aims to provide solutions to all these issues by providing quality machines and equipment for all kinds of packaging applications.

Newlong products range from single size machines to total systems aiming to meet all its customer needs. Some of the popular products offered by Newlong include printing, converting, palletizing, bag making and packaging machinery. The total packaging system offers customers a complete and economical solution for all kinds of packaging requirements.

The company provides the most effective packaging system based on a thorough study of the customer’s needs. In addition to providing customized solutions, the company is also renowned for its prompt and efficient after-sales service. A team of trained and professional sales engineers ensure that each and every machine supplied by Newlong is serviced regularly and operates trouble free. The overseas network of Newlong spreads over many countries including Mexico, Indianapolis, Miami, Brazil, Singapore , Philippines, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Thailand, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Latin America, Indonesia, Dubai and Mumbai. The company’s head office is located in Tokyo, Japan.

The Newlong Group supplies equipment to numerous industrial sectors including food, fishery, construction, textile, chemicals, metal, transportation, and trading houses to name a few. Newlong Machines Works Ltd. is known as the world’s top developer and supplier of packaging machinery, equipment and accessories. Its proprietary technology and development capability is internationally acclaimed.

Whether you are a cement company, polypropylene bag making company, paper bag making company, fertilizer company, milling company or any other company associated with any kind of manufacturing activity, Newlong has an effective packaging solution for you.

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