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Mampallil Phones (LLC)

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Wholesaler and retailer of all brands of mobile phones

Established in 2001, Mampallil Phones (LLC), is one of the largest wholesalers of all kinds of mobile phones and accessories in the Middle East region. As a one-stop source of mobile phones, Mampallil Phones (LLC) has been
exporting all kinds and brands of mobile phones to various countries across the world. The tremendous popularity of the company in world markets can be gauged by the fact that Mampallil Phones (LLC) has registered an astounding growth rate of over 300 per cent in the last three years.

“We trade with all models/brands of mobile phones in brand new, 7-days return and 14 days A+ grade condition with complete kit,” says Anil Joseph, managing director of Mampallil Phones (LLC). “We eagerly await to add more customers/suppliers to establish and maintain healthy business relationship for mutual commercial benefit,” he says.

Mampallil Phones (LLC) is now established as one of the leading importers and re-exporters of cellular phones based in Dubai. The company has a well established global procurement network to ensure that it provides it customers with the most competitive prices. As a result, Mampallil Phones (LLC) has captured a sizeable share of the markets in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Russia. As a regular supplier of mobile phones, Mampallil Phones
 (LLC) has been exporting various brands of mobile to countries all around the world.

Some of the popular brands of mobile phones readily available for shipment to any part of the world include Samsung, Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, Panatech, Panasonic, LG, Ericsson, Sagem, Philips, Sharp, Blackberry, Xelibri, i-Mate, among others.

“We are able to locate any model/brand you require and our promise means we will never be beaten on our price. We understand the need for excellent customer service and
pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations,” says a confident Anil Joseph.

With demand for competitively priced mobile phones increasing each year, Mampallil Phones (LLC) is now looking to establish direct contacts with retailers and wholesalers in the emerging markets.

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