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KTK Germany GmbH/Br

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KTK Germany GmbH meets the rising demand for quality replacement parts in Middle East and Africa

As a specialist supplier of replacement parts for heavy European trucks and trailers like Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, MAN, BPW and ROR, KTK Germany GmbH/Br has established itself as one of the leading players in the fast growing replacements market.

ktk-germanyEstablished in 1998 in Germany, KTK Germany GmbH is recognised worldwide as a reliable supplier of quality replacement parts for European heavy trucks and trailers and is known for the durability and high quality of its products. The company has been successful in capturing new markets across the globe through its untiring commitment to total customer satisfaction.
The success of the company can be gauged from the fact that it has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of replacements parts for heavy European trucks and trailers not only in the Middle East markets but also in new and emerging markets in the African continent. KTK Germany has been meeting the rising demand for its products in these markets from its branch in the Ajman Free Zone. The easy availability of all parts and the fast and efficient deliveries executed from the Ajman Free Zone branch of KTK Germany have been the major pillars of the company’s success. Not to mention the competitive pricing structure and the high quality of all products supplied by KTK Germany.


  • Engine parts: Engine Gasket Kits – Cylerder Heads – Connecting rods – Flywheel – Piston – Camshaft – Oilpan & Gaskets – Oil seals – Oil Pump – Oil Cooler – Oil Filter – Oil dipsticks – Oil pressure sensors –  Engine Suspension parts – Filter Kits, Engine suspension etc..
  • Cooling system parts: Intercoolers – Fans – Belt tensioners – Thermostats – Coolant filters – Water pumps – Radiator hoses – Radiator cap – Air hoses –  Expansion tanks – Pressure valves – Level sensors – Tensioner pulleys – Fan hubs – Belt pulleys etc.
  • Fuel System parts: Injection nozzle holders – Fuel filters – Fuel pipes – Fuel level sensor – Fuel tanks – Solenoid valves – Drain taps – Feed pumps – Overflow valves – sensors – Bleed valves etc.
  • Exhaust system: Exhaust pipe  – Flexible Pipe – Clamp – Bracket – Heat Shield, – Exhaust manifolds –  Control cylinders – – Air filters etc
  • Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.51.12 AMClutch & Pedel: Clutch Servos – Clutch Pedals – Clutch Cylinder – Clutch Kit – Release Bearing – Clutch Hose  –  Release forks – Hand throttle controls etc.
  • Gearbox Parts: Gear shift handles – Gearbox suspension – Gear lever repair kits – Gasket kits – Seals – Shifting cylinders etc.
  • Propeller shaft: Journal crosses – Centre bearings – Flanges – Support bearing stubs etc.
  • Axle parts: King pin kits – Ball joints – Bearings – Thrust rings – Seals etc.
  • Brake systems: Brake drums – Brake camshafts – Slack adjusters – Brake disks – Brake cylinders – Compressors – Brake valves – Air dryers – Brake pedals – Brake pad kits – Brake pipes – Brake hoses etc.ktk3
  • Wheels & Hub: Wheel bolts –  Wheel bearings – Wheel hubs – Shaft seal rings – Nuts
  • Suspension parts: Spring bolt kits – Air springs – Rubber bearings – Stabilizers – Reaction rods – Valves – Level sensors – Hydraulic pumps – Solenoid switches – Level valves.
  • Steering parts: Steering columns – Servo pumps – Oil reservoirs – Oil filters – Steering hoses – Drag links etc.
  • Electrical systems: Dynamos – Starter motor – Headlamps – Tail lamps – Fog lamps – Turn signal lamps – Switches – Relays etc.
  • Cabin: Sensors – Lock cylinder kits – Washer pumps – Cabin stabilizers – Hydraulic pumps – (Cab) tilt cylinders – Cabin air filters – Level valves etc.
  • Body parts: Door handles –  window winders – Rubber seals etc.

Having already established itself in the Middle East markets, KTK Germany is now looking to further strengthen its customer base in the African countries. Towards this end, the company has launched a promotional campaign and is on the lookout for establishing longterm business relations with dealers and traders of replacement parts in many countries. In fact, the company has been supplying replacement parts for European heavy trucks and trailers like Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, MAN, BPW and ROR to many countries on a regular basis. KTK Germany has a well established customer base in many countries around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.51.39 AM

By established a branch office in the United Arab Emirates, KTK Germany has been able to establish a well-knit distribution network spanning the African continent, the Indian sub – continent, CIS countries and the Middle East. This has helped the company to grow from strength to strength and to reach new markets around the world.

Currently, the company is looking for agents and distributors for its products in various countries.

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