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Janak Global Group

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Wholesaler, exporter, stockist of tyres and butyl tubes

Established in 1994 Janak Global Group is a specialist supplier of Tyres and Butyl Tubes and Flaps in Dubai. The company’s showroom in Dubai has been a popular sourcing point for many buyers looking for competitively priced tyres and butyl tubes / flaps.

The company maintains a ready of stock of Tyres (from leading manufacturers in China, Indonesia, India and Taiwan) as well as Butyl Tubes and Flaps of Indian origin. As the company deals directly with manufacturers, it is able to provide competitive prices on tyres and tubes. As a result, the company has gained a loyal clientele in many countries and has been a regular exporter of tyres and tubes to many countries around the world.

Tyre brands available with Janak Global GROUP includes Joyroad, Corsa, Apollo (India), Nexen, Roadstone, (Korea), Yokohama (Japan), Nankang (Taiwan), Star Performer (China), Maitech (Turkey) and Aceelera and Forceum brands from Indonesia.

The tyres supplied by Janak Global Group cover the entire gamut of vehicles including passenger car radials, ultra high performance tyres, TBR tyres for buses and trucks, agricultural and industrial tyres, off-the-road tyres for
construction and mining use as well as tyres for all kinds of two wheelers.

Butyl tubes and flaps supplied by Janak Global Group are known for their high quality and long life. The company supplies butyl tubes and flaps of Indian origin that are best suited for tough conditions. Little wonder then that Janal Global has emerged as a leading supplier of butyl tubes and flaps to many countries.

In addition to its office in Dubai, Janak Global Group has associate offices and warehouses in Singapore, Miami (USA) and in India.

Janak Global Group is aiming to further increase its sales and distribution network and is looking for wholesalers, importers and stockist of tyres and tubes to build long term business relations.

Customers will find Janak Global a perfect place to source all their requirements for tyres and butyl tubes from under one roof.

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