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Blue Stream Environmental Technology

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Supplier & exporter of waste bins, trash cans and other waste disposal products

Blue Stream Environmental Technology (LLC) is a one-stop shop providing perfect solutions for all waste management problems, whether it is for homes, apartments, condominiums, schools,
hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, food processing units or milk dairies. The company has a product to suit all needs and has grown to become a leading supplier of all kinds of waste management products. Whether it is plastic dustbins, stainless steel trash cans, dust bins with wheels, waste bins with pedal, trash cans for shopping malls, waste collection bins, janitorial equipment, Blue Stream Technology has it all.

The company’s wide range of waste disposal products like
 trash cans, waste baskets, mall bins, recycling receptacles , beach bins, ash tray bins have enjoyed increasing popularity in African countries and are being exported in increasing quantities to many countries.

The company has been one of the largest suppliers of waste disposal products to Private and Government departments not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also in other Middle East countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Iraq.

Blue Stream is the Authorized Sole Distributor for the full range of world renowned SULO waste containers from Germany.
 Blue Stream was established in 1998, and ever since, the company’s phenomenal growth stands testimony to its dedication to providing quality products to all its customers.

“We are the leading suppliers of all kinds of waste
 management products, stylish waste receptacles in eye-catching designs, providing practical solutions,” says Jeetandra Suvarna, marketing manager. “We have an extensive range of fibre, steel, marble, HDPE waste containers, waste bins, garbage container trolleys, wheelie bins, waste paper baskets, multipurpose trolleys, and also, waste receptacles for cans, paper and bottles for recycling purposes,” he says.

“The advantage of doing business with us is that we supply a comprehensive range of products from under one roof. We do not sell products that do not meet our stringent quality standards. Because we are the authorized sole distributors of SULO products, we can guarantee the quality of all our products,” says Jeetandra Suvarana. “We are proud of our products and the most important priority for us is to satisfy all our customers,” he says. Indeed, the company’s untiring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped it earn a loyal and growing clientele around the world. As a result, the company’s products have earned an enviable reputation in the international markets. In Africa, the company’s products have enjoyed overwhelming popularity and are being exported to several African countries. As a regular and reliable supplier to Africa, the company has managed to penetrate the lucrative African markets.

By supplying directly to wholesalers, retailers and end-users in many African countries, Blue Stream Environmental Technology (LLC) aims to further increase its presence in new and emerging markets. With this objective, Blue Stream Environmental Technology (LLC) is on the lookout for trustworthy business partners.

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